MaxPly 2300 Ceramic Fiber Paper

MaxPly 2300

Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic fiber paper manufactured from high index, high purity, spun fiber forming a uniform, strong, flexible, lightweight sheet. High index, spun fiber technology increases both the paper green strength as well as retained strength after binder removal.

NUTEC's high index fiberization process eliminates coarse shot normally associated with high temperature fibers, without the costly step of pre-washing the fiber. The result is a 30% decrease in thermal conductivity as compared to standard high shot fiber papers with a reduction of nuisance dust and cutting tool abrasion.

High temperature stability combined with extremely low thermal conductivity make MaxPly 2300 the perfect solution for many applications including thermal insulation, heat shields, gaskets, and seals.

Physical Properties

  • Maximum Use Temperature

    2300⁰F (1260⁰C)

  • Continuous Use Temperature

    2150°F (1177°C)

  • Chemistry

    Alumina, Silica

  • Composition

    RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber)

Key Features

  • High-temperature stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  •  Low heat storage
  • Lightweight, strong, and flexible
  • Easy to fabricate, low dust
  •  High compressive strength

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