Top-Class Thermal Insulation for Ceramics and Glass Production


NUTEC and the Ceramics & Glass Industry

Ceramic and glass manufacturing are highly energy intensive and to be successful in today's difficult market it is necessary to address the need for precise firing control, excellent temperature uniformity, minimization of heat losses, thermal efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, all while maintaining final product quality. This is where NUTEC is a valuable partner.

MaxWool blanket is used for kiln car insulation and seals, MaxBlock Modules are used in kiln door and wall linings, and Macro Modules form the basis of NUTEC's patented Jointless® Insulation System, now employed all over the world.

Our sister company, NUTEC Bickley, is a manufacturer of industrial kilns and furnaces, and therefore you can be sure that our high-temperature products have been rigorously tested in full production environments.


Common Applications

  • Kiln Walls and Roofs
  • Low Thermal Mass Cars
  • Kiln Car Seals
  • High Efficiency Insulation for Forehearth Sections
  • Regenerator Backup Insulation
  • Insulation Between Tin Bath and Annealing Furnace
  • Insulation Under Forehearth Feeder Bowl
  • Melting Tank Roof Backup Insulation
  • Feeder Bowl Roof Insulation on Forehearth
  • Forehearth Burner Seals