Insulation Solutions for High-Temperature Environments


NUTEC and the Steel Industry

The steel industry requires durable products with high-temperature rating properties, the ability to provide effective insulation while withstanding harsh environments, increased equipment lifecycles, and protection in areas where molten metal is poured. NUTEC products meet all the aforementioned characteristics.

Our extensive product line – including blankets, modules, macro modules, boards, papers and moldables – results in reduced heat loss and leakage, resistance to thermal shock, elimination of hot spots and air infiltration, lighter overall weight, and protection from molten metal splash.

Our sister company, NUTEC Bickley, is a respected manufacturer of industrial furnaces for this industry; consequently, you can be assured that all our high-temperature product lines have been rigorously tested in full production environments.


Common Applications

  • Gooseneck Seals
  • Discharge Door Jamb Seals
  • Access Door Seals
  • Bustle Pipe Backup
  • Stove Backup Repairs
  • Torpedo Ladle Backup
  • Torpedo Ladle Covers
  • Ladle Preheat Stations
  • Ladle Covers
  • Stopper Rod Assembly Covers
  • Personnel Protection
  • Shroud Seals
  • Tundish Cover Seals
  • Soaking Pit Cover Seals
  • Soaking Pit Cover Backup
  • Soaking Pit Wall Backup
  • Regeneration Walls
  • Reheat Furnace Risers and Crossovers
  • Reheat Furnace Doors
  • Slow Cool Covers, Roll Out Covers
  • Annealer Walls and Roofs
  • Annealer Base Seals
  • Tundish Submerged entry Nozzle