High-Performance Thermal Solutions for your Insulation Challenges

Product Highlights

MaxWool 2300

MaxWool® 2300

Easy to install, it offers advantages such as low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, and excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. Designed for applications up to 2300°F (1260°C).

SuperMag 2200

SuperMag 2200

Considered as a cost-effective alternative to Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) for applications to 2200°F (1200°C), it offers low thermal conductivity and minimal linear shrinkage.

MaxWool 2600

MaxWool® 2600

High-temperature insulating blankets that, in addition to having the characteristics of MaxWool 2300 blankets, contain Zirconia, which allows it to be used at higher temperatures.

MaxBlock Modules

MaxBlock Modules

Versatile family of high temperature insulating blocks designed to yield a variety of options to fit almost any high temperature requirement.

MaxPly 2600

MaxPly 2600

High-temperature paper containing Zirconia which allows use at higher temperatures in addition to having characteristics of MaxPly 2300.

MaxBoard 2600 FP

MaxBoard® 2600 FP

MaxBoard 2600 FP is a special chemical and abrasion-resistant insulation. Commonly used in applications where resistance to direct flame contact is required.

NUTEC is transforming the thermal insulation industry through innovative technologies that improve efficiency and help offset your carbon footprint.

NUTEC Company

Featured Industries

NUTEC Steel Industry


Sealing, insulating and cover products designed to withstand elevated temperatures in tough operating conditions.

NUTEC Appliances Industry


A broad portfolio of high-performance, custom-made products for commercial and domestic appliances.

NUTEC Oil Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

High-temperature insulation and passive fire protection products and systems to provide effective thermal management, improve processes and maintain efficiency.

NUTEC Ceramics Glass Industry

Ceramics & Glass

High-temperature products and systems for thermal insulation in ceramics and glass manufacturing.

NUTEC Automotive Industry


Thin, lightweight and highly efficient insulation materials with a broad range of applications in the automotive industry.

NUTEC Aerospace Industry


Lightweight and highly efficient insulation materials tested and approved to meet the challenging fire safety demands of the aerospace industry.

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