Thermal Resistance and Management with Ceramic Fiber Insulation Boards

Discover ceramic fiber insulation boards' resistance to high temperatures, their durability, and their applications in various industries.



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In an increasingly industrialized world, efficient thermal energy management is critical to guarantee safety, operational optimization, and sustainability. Thermal resistance, in particular, is essential in high temperature environments, where materials must withstand extreme conditions without compromising performance. In this context, insulation boards play a crucial role.

This article explores the properties and applications of ceramic fiber insulation boards, highlighting their thermal resistance and management in high temperature applications.

In addition, we take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of these boards, their manufacturing process, and their various industry applications.

What are insulation boards?

Boards, or panels, are created using a vacuum-forming process. This means they are produced from a wet product mix subjected to compression and drying. They are designed with strength in mind to possess rigidity, to withstand strong velocities, high vibrations, erosive forces, and mechanical stresses.

Typically, insulation boards are used for thermal management. Their primary function is to form a barrier that prevents heat transfer to the outside during a controlled process. In other words, they act as thermal insulation to maintain the correct temperature and prevent unwanted heat loss.

In the NUTEC portfolio, you can find the following product gradings: Refractory Ceramic Fibers (RCF), Low Biopersistence Fibers (LBP), and, on some occasions, fibers with high alumina content. Standard measurements (in inches) are 24” x 36”, 24” x 48”, 36” x 48”, and 48” x 48”. Available thicknesses range from 0.5" to 3". In addition to this, boards with custom densities and thicknesses can also be created.


The MaxBoard Collection

The MaxBoard collection is a family of boards made from a mixture of Refractory Ceramic Fibers. These boards are ideal for cutting or machining and can be formed into almost any shape.

They are designed to resist high speeds and vibrations, erosive forces, and mechanical stress. In addition, they offer low thermal conductivity, low heat loss, low weight, stability at high temperatures, and resistance to erosion, among others.

  • MaxBoard LD 2300. This low density product is manufactured to close dimensional tolerances and features excellent surface finish. With a temperature rating of up to 2300°F (1260°C), it's a perfect choice for various uses.
  • MaxBoard ILD 2300. This LD board has an inorganic formulation, making it ideal for applications where odor emission must be contained, such as household appliances and laboratory furnaces.
  • MaxBoard MD 2300 and HD 2300. These medium and high density insulating boards offer close dimensional tolerances and excellent surface finish but with a higher density that improves the modulus of rupture.
  • MaxBoard HS 2400. Specially designed for applications where there is a high amount of pressure/stress directed toward the insulation lining. These boards are highly resistant to pressure at high temperatures.
  • MaxBoard LD 2600, MD 2600, and HD 2600. These low, medium, and high density insulating boards have a temperature rating of up to 2600°F (1425°C), making them ideal for multiple uses where high temperature resistance is required.
  • MaxBoard 2600 FP. This unique insulation solution is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. It is commonly used as a spacer tile in gas and wood stoves, combustion chambers, and biomass applications where resistance to direct flame contact is required.
  • MaxBoard LD 3000. This product has the highest temperature rating of all NUTEC board products. It is formulated with a blend of ceramic and mullite fibers, creating an excellent high temperature insulation board with low thermal shrinkage and exceptional stability.


Installation and Maintenance


Ensuring correct installation and maintenance procedures for ceramic fiber insulating boards is essential to guarantee their effectiveness and durability. Their installation is simple since these boards can be mounted with welded screws or anchors. 

It is also possible to adhere them to a surface effectively using a wet product, such as cement. However, some special care considerations are vital to guarantee their performance:

  • Despite their strength, excessive tightening must be avoided when using fastening straps. That is, one should avoid subjecting them to undue mechanical stress.
  • To ensure full product integrity, any stack height should not exceed 66".
  • It is necessary to avoid any rubbing action between boards because they can erode quickly.
  • Do not get the boards damp, as the material comes from a wet formulation, and exposing them to moisture will weaken their structure.
  • If the boards are likely to be subjected to forced hot air flows, applying a coating or special blend is recommended in order to extend their useful life.


Ceramic fiber insulation boards are an essential tool in thermal management, offering high temperature resistance, durability, and energy optimization. Their versatility and effectiveness excel in a variety of industries and applications.

With their high temperature resistance, durability, and compressive strength, ceramic fiber insulation boards offer numerous benefits across various industries. As technology advances, we will likely see new applications and improvements to this technology.

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