Insulation Board MG 1900 – An Outstanding Mineral Wool Replacement

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MG 1900 Thermal Insulation Board

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Insulation boards are integral to high temperature and high stress applications. Specifically, NUTEC's high performance fiber insulation boards offer exceptional thermal resistance, rendering them essential for various applications, particularly in managing the thermal conditions of furnaces and boilers.

NUTEC goes above and beyond by offering various vacuum formed insulation boards in different grades and densities with elevated temperature capabilities. One such innovation is MG 1900 board, which outperforms traditional mineral wool boards by offering vital high temperature insulation for a multitude of industrial applications.

These robust NUTEC boards are known for their strength, making them the top choice for an array of industrial uses. Their properties guarantee reliable performance, even under the harshest conditions.

Below, you can explore some key features of MG 1900 board.

3 features of MG 1900 insulation board

Exceptional performance

What sets MG 1900 insulation boards apart is their capacity to withstand high temperatures, up to 2012°F (1100°C), making them ideal for high temperature applications that exceed the limit at which other mineral wool products start to break down, typically above 1292°F (700°C).

Additionally, these insulation boards feature a water resistant coating, enhancing their moisture resistance and extending their lifespan in humid environments.

Broad versatility and range

A significant advantage of MG 1900 boards is their wide range of thicknesses, from 1/2" (13mm) to 3" (76mm), allowing users to tailor them to specific needs and applications for optimal performance, without the need to layer multiple thinner boards. 

The flexibility and range of thicknesses make them suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Download the MG 1900 technical data sheet here

Wide ranging applications for diverse industries

MG 1900 insulation boards extend their usefulness beyond furnaces and boilers. They also serve as a sturdy backing layer for refractory concrete, plastics, and bricks, providing an additional layer of thermal insulation for critical industrial settings.

Furthermore, MG 1900 boards represent a superior alternative to mineral wool boards in various applications, including crematoriums, where exceptional performance is paramount.

This product’s versatility makes it an essential component in industries such as:

Advantages over mineral wool boards

When it comes to industrial insulation, MG 1900 boards outperform mineral wool in several ways:

  • Higher thermal efficiency: MG 1900 has a lower thermal conductivity, reducing heat loss and storage, thereby ensuring efficient operation.
  • Lightweight: Despite its significant strength, MG 1900 board is remarkably light, facilitating installation and handling.
  • Stability: This board remains stable and resistant, even at high temperatures, in erosive conditions, and in high speed environments. It can even resist direct flame contact.
  • Easy to work with: MG 1900 allows for simple cutting and machining, guaranteeing an effortless and efficient installation process.
  • Safe: MG 1900 insulation board is free from asbestos and offers good resistance to thermal shocks and most chemical attacks (excluding strong acids and alkalis).

For a truly versatile and high performance insulation solution, NUTEC's MG 1900 insulation boards will keep your industrial operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an insulation board?
    An insulation board is a panel designed to offer thermal resistance and improve energy efficiency in environments with high temperatures and severe mechanical stress. They are crucial in industrial applications such as furnaces and boilers.
  2. How does MG 1900 compare to mineral wool?
    MG 1900 outperforms mineral wool in terms of thermal efficiency, resistance to high temperatures, and ease of installation. It is also lighter and does not contain asbestos, making it safer and easier to manage.
  3. What are the typical applications for MG 1900?
    MG 1900 has wide ranging applications, including the steel industry, oil and gas, ceramics and glass, and power generation. It also works effectively as a backing layer in refractory systems and crematoriums.
  4. Why is MG 1900 superior to other insulation boards?
    MG 1900 offers lower thermal conductivity, resistance to direct flame contact, stability in high erosion and high speed environments, ease of cutting and machining, and excellent resistance to thermal shocks and chemical attacks.
  5. What thicknesses does MG 1900 board come in?
    MG 1900 is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/2" (13mm) to 3" (76mm), allowing it to be tailored to specific needs and applications without the need for stacking multiple layers.
  6. Does the MG 1900 insulation board have an additional benefit?
    Yes, the MG 1900 features an optional water repellent coating that enhances its moisture resistance and extends its lifespan in humid environments.
  7. How can I obtain more information or personalized advice about MG 1900?
    For further information or personalized advice, contact a NUTEC expert through the official NUTEC website: Contact NUTEC.

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