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Acciones de NUTEC ante el COVID-19 Clic Aquí

Showing Our Best Side: Main Takeaways From Ceramitec 2022

By Genaro F. Cueva, NUTEC Group CEO

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I was recently delighted to attend the Ceramitec exhibition in Munich, Germany (21-24 June), where I was pleased to see NUTEC Group – comprising NUTEC, NUTEC Bickley and NUTEC Procal – participate in its first major face-to-face event in Europe since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Reflecting the positive attitude of all our excellent teams, and the robust nature of our recovery, we invested in a brand new design and the largest stand that we have ever presented at this show.

This was an important event for all of us. Ceramitec delivers an extremely broad audience and is the leading international trade fair for machinery, equipment, systems, processes, and raw materials for the manufacture of ceramics, powder metallurgy and other high-temperature products. We assembled a team in Munich that represented the deepest possible experience in terms of senior directors, marketing executives, and technical sales experts.

I see nothing but positive outcomes from our participation in Ceramitec and the hard work of the entire team. There are four main benefits to be drawn from all our efforts, I feel.

The first, clearly, was the opportunity to meet up in person once again with our main customers from around the world, all in a single location. However, not only this, but to meet with those companies we were previously unaware of but who should become valued customers of the future.

Secondly, we were able to clearly emphasize the synergies within the group. It is rare for NUTEC, NUTEC Bickley and NUTEC Procal to exhibit alongside one another, but it demonstrated the strength of our offering.

Thirdly, from an internal point of view, Ceramitec offered the opportunity for all personnel present to sit down and have the sorts of discussions that we simply don’t have the time to coordinate on a day-to-day basis back in our various offices. I think I can say with confidence that these discussions have proven invaluable.

Lastly – and in no sense less important – was the chance for us to enjoy a shared convivial experience in the wonderful city of Munich. We take away far more than just ‘business’, and this has always been an important part of the NUTEC Group approach. In short, this turned out to be a perfect mix of high-level presentation, technical excellence, improved customer liaison, and effective team building.

Genaro F. Cueva




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