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MaxWool™ Tank Car Blanket, manufactured by Nutec, uses silica sand and calcined alumina. These materials are melted in an electric arc furnace. The melted material is dropped onto high-speed wheels to form the fibers. The fibers are stripped off with air and deposited on a conveyor. The accumulation of the fiber is needled to the desired thickness and densities.

Nutec´s MaxWool™ Tank Car Blanket meets the Department of Transportation (DOT) thermal properties for fire protection under 49 CFR part 179. The blanket product can be used as insulation in various DOT rail car classes to include: DOT – 105, 109, 111, 112, and 114. MaxWool™ Tank Car Blanket can be used as an insulation system for Chlorine thank cars as well.

The MaxWool™ Tank Car Blanket does meet the thermal properties for fire protection outlined in 49 CFR Part 179.18 (Appendix B) Thermal Protection Systems October 1, 2011.

The product was tested at Intertek and documented under Report #101109776SAT-002. The blanket was tested for both the pool and torch tests. Product is used in applications and systems defined in Dockets HM-144, HM-145, HM-175, HM-175a, and HM-181.