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MaxPly™ is a high temperature paper manufactured from a high index, high purity spun fiber with an acrylic latex binder to form a uniform, strongh, flexible, lightweight sheet.

The high temperature stability combined with extremely low thermal conductivity make MaxPly™ the perfect solution for many different applications as thermal insulator, heat shield, gasket or seal.

This high temperature paper uses the new high index , spun fiber technology adding to both the green strenght as well as the retained strenght after the binders are removed.

Nutec’s “high index” fiberization technology eliminates the course shot fraction normally associated with high temperature fibers, without the costly step of pre-washing the fiber. The result is a 30% decrease in thermal conductivity as compared to the standard high shot fiber papers. Additionally it eliminates nuisance dust and reduces abrasion on cutting tools.


  • High temperature stability
  • Lowest thermal conductivity
  • Low heat storage
  • Lightweight, strong, flexible
  • Easy to fabricate, low dust
  • High compressive strenght