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Polycrystalline Wool MaxWool 3000

High temperature insulation blanket made of high alumina fibers double needled to provide high tensile strength, durability and low shrinkage at high temperatures.


MaxWool 3000 Blanket is thermally stable at elevated temperatures, and should be considered for use in applications above the temperature rating of ceramic fiber blankets.


MaxWool 3000 Blanket can be made into modules with densities of 6# or 8# with thicknesses from 4” – 12”.

Maximum Use Temperature:

2,900 ºF (1,593ºC)


PCW (polycrystalline wool)


Polycrystalline Mullite


Polycrystalline Wool Blankets General Features

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower furnace maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity

Polycrystalline Wool Blankets Typical applications

  • Furnace doors
  • Roofs and panels
  • Ladle covers

Technical data

Physical PropertiesMaxWool 3000
Density:100 kg/m3 (6 lbs./cu. Ft.) / 130 kg/m3 (8 lbs./cu.Ft.)
Maximum Use Temperature:2,900 ºF (1,593ºC)
Fiber Diameter:4-6 microns
Chemical Composition (%)MaxWool 3000


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