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NUTEC Has Expanded Capabilities To Produce Wet Products in the United States

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At NUTEC we’re always looking for ways to make our supply chains and production more dependable, better diversified, and to bring the best experience to our customers.

This month NUTEC is proud to announce we have expanded our capabilities to produce wet products in the United States!

Our wet product lines MaxMoldable, MaxPumpable, and MaxRigidizer had previously only been produced in our Northern Mexico facility, but starting this month will now be produced in our Huntersville, North Carolina facility as well.

This expansion of our production capabilities in the United States will result in better lead times for these products, aims to reduce the cost of freight and shipping to our US customers, and will save valuable time in delivering these products.

For NUTEC as a company, this diversification of production locations means even more dependability to ensure these products are on the market where and when they need to be, and is a reflection of our very strong commitment to serving the US market.

Our lead times for wet products were already among the lowest in the industry, and this announcement aims to ensure they stay dependably low.

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