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New Vacuum Formed Boards

Nutec is a leading manufacturer of high-temperature vacuum-formed insulation products. Our diverse portfolio of high-temperature, high quality vacuum formed products has been recently expanded to include these new products:

Supermag LD-1900 GI Board is a low bio-persistence board that was developed specifically for the glass industry. This product is formulated to offer very low thermal conductivity.

MG-1900 Board was created primarily for the refractory industry and is the perfect low cost backup material behind refractory, outperforming mineral fiber boards. MG-1900 Board is available with or without a water repellent coating.

Maxboard HS-2400 is a high-strength board with a high MOR and crush strength. This board is specifically engineered for applications where there is a great amount of pressure or stress on the furnace lining.

For more information on these products please visit our Boards section at, contact us, or request a quote here.