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MG-1900 Board: The best substitute for Mineral Wool Board

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Our MG-1900 Vacuum Formed Boards are an excellent substitute for mineral wool boards in industrial furnaces and boilers for thermal processing.

Learn more about this product and its many benefits in this blog article.

What motivated us to develop the MG-1900 boards?

Customers asked Nutec to develop this product since a major supplier was exiting this market.

Nutec Mineral Grade MG-1900 Board was designed specifically to compete with mineral wool board.

Development of this product started in 2019 and it was introduced at the end of the same year. Sales have substantially grown in the last 2 years.

Applications and Industries

Applications of Mineral Grade MG-1900 board are:

Support or backup for ceramic fiber bricks or modules in industrial furnaces and boilers

An additional layer of thermal insulation in crematorium ovens

Excellent substitute for mineral wool boards in general

Thermal process industries we supply:





Power Generation

Advantages of the MG-1900 Boards

Some relevant benefits of these products are:

1.- Higher strength, better durability and insulating properties with higher operating temperatures

Mineral wool board has a use temperature to 700ºC (1,292ºF) and will start to deteriorate above 700 C, whereas MG-1900 board has a use temperature to 1,100ºC (2,012ºF).

2.- Water repellent coating

Available with a water repellent coating for high humidity operating environments that provide increased durability.

3.- Variety of thickness available

MG-1900 boards range in thickness from ½” to 3” in a single piece, unlike mineral wool boards with thinner thicknesses that require layering several pieces to achieve an equivalent thickness. One piece construction provides greater strength and better performance.

For more information on this product, visit our product page for MG-1900 Board on Nutec’s website. Contact us or request a quote here.

Author: Hector Gonzalez

Vacuum-Formed Business Unit VP



Determine thermal results using data provided by customers to analyze and investigate insulation designs using Nutec products.

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