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Gooseneck sealsBlanket, MoldableReduces fume emission Download
Discharge door jamb sealsMoldableReduces fume emission around refractory Download
Access door sealsBoardReduces fume emission Download
Bustle pipe backupBlanketReduce heat loss Download
Stove backup repairsMoldableEliminates hot spots by deteriorated backup insulation Download
Torpedo Ladle backupBoardReduces heat loss, thermal gradient through refractory
Torpedo Ladle CoversBlanketReduces ladle cool-down, fume emission
Ladle Preheat StationsMacromodulesReduces heat loss, resists thermal shock Download
Ladle CoversMacromodulesReduces temperature drop in steel Download
Stopper Rod assembly coversBlanketReduces heat and splash on mechanism
Personnel protectionBoard, BlanketProtection from molten metal splash
Shroud sealsBlanketEliminates air infiltration
Tundish cover sealsBlanketEliminates air infiltration
Soaking pit cover sealsBlanket, ModulesReduces leakage between pit wall and cover Download
Soaking pit cover backupBlanketReduces heat loss Download
Soaking pit wall backupBlanketReduces heat loss Download
Regeneration wallsBlanketReduces heat loss Download
Reheat furnace risers and crossoversBlanketReduces slag buildup
Reheat furnace doorsModulesReduces heat loss, resists thermal shock
Slow cool covers, roll out coversModulesReduces heat loss
Annealer walls and roofsBlanket, ModulesReduces weight, reduces heat losse Download
Annealer Base SealsBlanket, ModulesEliminates air infiltration
Tundish Submerged entry nozzlePaperAids preheating of the nozzle and prevents thermal shock