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How to apply MaxPumpable

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In this video you will learn how to apply, step by step, MaxPumpable and the tools needed.

Preparation prior to installation is also covered and subsequent care to obtain optimal results.

Video transcription

Preparation before installation

The operator must use personal protective equipment including face shield, safety glasses, mask, gloves and rough clothing.

Make sure to have all the required tools: welding mask, welding rods, wrenches, female pipe adapters, etc.

Note: Verify that the diameter of the hose and the nipple match.

MaxPumpable application process

1.- Prepare the pneumatic extrusion pump to apply MaxPumpable.

2.- Locate the center of the hot spot and from it make marks at a 6-inch separation horizontally and vertically, making a grid to cover most of the area to be repaired.

3.- With the cutting tool or a drill make a hole through which the pumpable material
is introduced.

4.- Polish the area to have a clean surface.

5.- Weld female pipe adapters to each access.

6.- Have ready a bucket of MaxPumpable, prepare the pail in the pneumatic pump.

7.- Start the pump to see that the material flows through the hose, before injecting the material on the hot spot.

8.- Connect the end of the hose to the previously welded female adaptors, a male pipe adapter is needed at the end of the pump hose, preferably at the adapter that is closest to the hottest point of the equipment.

9.- Adjust tight to avoid leakage of material.

10.- Turn on the pneumatic pump to start injecting the material in the center of the hot spot.

11.- Observe the contiguous adapters and wait for the material to appear in some of them, at that time stop the pump.

12.- Change hose location to the adapter with a MaxPumpable material as shown.

13.- Inject material in the next location following the same procedure.

14.- Check that all the adapters have presence of MaxPumpable material, this shows us that the repair area has been covered by the insulating material.

15.- Proceed covering the adapters.

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